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Who we are ?

We Are Modern Innovative Metal Recycling Company

First Scrap is a company that is dedicated to recycling end-of-life metal scrap. We have several global partners with whom we can source metals from all over the world. Our principal activities include processing, purchasing, and selling materials such as copper, brass, aluminum, ferrous, and nonferrous scrap metals.
Our business provides a cost-effective way for companies around the world to recycle their metal waste streams into new products that will be sold into major markets. In addition, we provide environmentally responsible disposal of industrial waste that adds value to your bottom line through reduced disposal costs and reduced liability from the health effects of improper waste disposal.

"Join the race to make the world a better place"

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Management Team

John Ronald

Founder and Director

Sterfon Demings

Chief Executive Officer

Jane Williams

Chief Marketing Officer

Grayson Tremblay

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Mclean

Support Team Head

Zoey Campbell

Chief Administration Officer


When you join us, you don't just get exciting income opportunities, but you are also getting to join us in making a difference in the world by recycling the scrap that ends up in the junkyard and landfills, thereby promoting a sustainable way of life by meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the needs of the future generation.

Dismantling a Steel Factory

We are dismantling an abandoned steel factory in the Liege region of Belgium.

Collecting Industrial Waste

We are collecting industrial waste from multiple factories in Europe and we are also proliferating our industrial waste procurement in Asia.

Large Scale Car Shell Disposal In Germany

We have tie-ups with many car junkyards in Germany, and we are currently invested in the disposal of car shells that were wrecked in the European floods.

We are recycling a large fleet of Greek and German ships

We are currently recycling a large fleet of Greek and German ships that have become uneconomical to operate due to corrosion, metal fatigue, and a lack of parts.

Our Current Projects

We service National and International accounts, and we buy scrap metal from scrap metal dealers all over the world. The First Scrap metal recycling group actively continues pursuing its multi-metal recycling strategy. Our diverse geographical operations promote attractive growth potential and strengthen the company’s multi-metal portfolio, especially in the key metals Copper, Steel, Nickel, Tin, Zinc and Iron.


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